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PC & Associates is an Authorized Reseller of Formulator, designed specifically for the process manufacturing industries.  


BatchMaster Enterprise

PC & Associates is now an Authorized Referral Partner for BatchMaster Enterprise by BatchMaster Software.

If you are using BatchMaster (DOS), BatchMasterPFW or Sage PFW Pro, and you wish to upgrade to another system, please contact us.

Sage PFW Process Manufacturing brochures:

Version 5.9 "Sage PFW ERP Pro" (formerly "BatchMasterPFW" & "Platinum for Windows by Best") was released in late 2011 with final updates in early 2014 and the software package was shut down by Sage on March 31, 2014.   Since the software has been discontinued, brochures are no longer available.

Other Brochures & Price Lists:

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Leasing is available to qualified clients via Key Equipment Financing (formerly American Express Business Finance) for periods ranging from 24 to 60 months.  

Lease application form:   KEY Leasing Credit Application for End Users.pdf


Support & Maintenance Programs

Both Formulator and BatchMaster Software offer yearly maintenance & support programs; please contact us for more details.

--> NOTE:   Sage discontinued ALL support for Sage PFW on March 31, 2014!   However, PC & Associates will continue to support customers running all versions of BatchMaster (v4.6) or BatchMasterPFW (v4.7 through 5.02) and Sage PFW Pro (v5.3 through v5.9).


GoToAssist Unattended Support

Citrix GoToAssist Unattended Support installation file:  http://pcassociates.webs.com/g2a_rs_installer_elias.exe.removethispart

The link above is to an executable (program) file that when installed on your PC (running Microsoft Windows) will allow me to remotely support your system.  Only I will have access, as this program is tied into my Citrix GoToAssist account.  You can disable or uninstall this at any time.   This file has been renamed.  To use the install program, you will have to download the file to your PC by right-clicking on the file name above, then choose "save file/target as" and choose a location on your local hard drive.  Once downloaded (it it about 3.1 MB in size), you will have to rename this file by removing the " .removethispart " portion of the filename, so that it is back to being an executable file.  Then run the file and follow the prompts.


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We use VistaPrint for many of our advertising mailouts and promotional products!   Click here for more details!




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